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The Zozo Championship will be teeing off at the Accordia Narashino Country Club in Chiba, Japan.

The 78-man field will look to take on the historic Narashino golf course, which is a par 70 stretching 7,079 yards. It was designed by legendary Japanese designer, Kinya Fujita, and features two greens on each hole.

Narashino is one of the few golf courses that still maintain two greens on every hole, adding to the potential challenges at the Zozo Championship.

Below, we’ll give an overview of the course, a summary of the front and back nine, along with the 2023 Zozo Championship scorecard.

  • Front 9: Par 34, 3,293 Yards
  • Back 9: Par 36, 3,786 yards
  • Total: Par 70, 7,079 yards

The Narashino Country Club is a semi-private club that is just outside the heart of Toyko.

The course is one of the last of Fujita’s final works, making it even more historic. The club opened in 1965 and Fujita passed away in 1969. The course features two greens on every hole, meaning there are 18 holes but 36 greens.

The Zozo Championship features a two-green hole on the scorecard.

This year, Hole 5 will have both the left and right green in play. Hole 5 presents different challenges with a pond that comes into play on both front sides of the green. A bunker is also used to split the remaining land between the two surfaces.

The PGA Tour generally plays on both the Queen and King courses, which stretch 7,079 yards for a par-70.

There are five par-3s, three par-5s, and 10 par-4s in the layout.

While the par-3s are short, the field will have to be aware of the long par-4s.

The course has presented difficulty for the field in the past with scores ranging around -15 to par.

4 Holes To Watch At The Zozo Championship

  • Hole 4 — Par 4, 505 yards
  • Hole 12 — Par 4, 490 yards
  • Hole 17— Par 4, 491 yards

Zozo Championship Scorecard

The course is only a par 70, which isn’t unusual for the PGA Tour, but the layout is obscure and presents unique challenges for the field.

There are two courses at Narashino and the Zozo Championship will be mixing in both courses, which produces five par 3s and three par 5s.

The par 3s are going to be very short while the par 5s will present their own obstacles, including a series of bunkers, thin fairways, and more.

The three hardest holes on the course are the par 4s measuring 490 yards or longer. Hole 4 was considered the hardest hole with an average score of 4.28. Holes 12 and 17 are also long holes that have given players challenges in the past.

Check out the complete Zozo Championship scorecard for the King’s and Queen’s Course.

Hole Par Yardage
1 4 405
2 4 363
3 3 180
4 4 505
5 3 205
6 5 587
7 3 167
8 4 395
9 4 486
Par 34 3,293
10 4 400
11 4 486
12 4 490
13 3 141
14 5 608
15 4 425
16 3 183
17 4 491
18 5 562
Par 36 3,786
Total 70 7,079

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