Why didn’t Lionel Messi play in Argentina vs Costa Rica international friendly?

Messi is currently recovering from a muscle injury, that has kept him out of action for Argentina during the international break and before that, for his club Inter Miami.

Title: Why didn’t Lionel Messi play in Argentina vs Costa Rica international friendly?

In the recent international friendly between Argentina and Costa Rica, fans were left wondering why Lionel Messi did not take the field. The reason behind his absence lies in a muscle injury that has sidelined the football superstar from participating in both international and club matches.

Messi, who currently plays for Inter Miami, has been dealing with a muscle injury that has prevented him from showcasing his skills on the field. This injury has forced him to miss out on crucial matches for both his club and national team.

Despite his absence, Messi continues to work towards recovering from his injury and getting back in top form. Fans eagerly await his return to the pitch, hoping to witness his magic once again.

In the meantime, Lionel Messi’s absence serves as a reminder of the importance of physical well-being in the world of professional sports. It highlights the dedication and resilience required to overcome setbacks and return stronger than ever.

As fans eagerly anticipate Messi’s return, they can take solace in the knowledge that their favorite football icon is diligently working towards full recovery. Messi’s absence may be felt on the field, but his presence looms large in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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