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As the world of golf eagerly awaits Nelly Korda’s performance in her upcoming CPKC Women’s Open, her sister, Jessica Korda, faces an unexpected episode at New York’s JFK Airport. The bustling transport hub, famous for its vast passenger traffic, offered Jessica a surprise that she probably hadn’t anticipated.

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Airports have often been the backdrop for many a golfer’s tale of woe. The all-too-familiar narrative of delayed or mishandled baggage has become a dreaded part of the traveling experience for many in the sporting community.

Challenges golfers face during their journeys


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Traveling can sometimes feel daunting if airlines misplace and delay the luggage. Many times, items get lost or aren’t handled well. This is a big issue when the stuff is costly or important to the traveler. A similar situation occurred with Jessica Korda, Nelly Korda’s sister.

Jessica Korda faced a luggage mishap in Scotland during her AIG Women’s British Open, leading her to borrow clothes from other golfers. On different days, she wore pants from Megan Khang, her sister Nelly, and Alison Lee. She made a light-hearted request for help to get her suitcase from Zurich airport. Despite her luggage issues and missing her warm gear, Jessica played well in the AIG Women’s British Open.


After facing the language issue in Scotland, this time she expressed her pleasant surprise on Instagram about her seamless flying experience with Delta Airlines. She mentioned, “Flying with the best never gets old.” Further, she stated, Honestly, Never thought I’d say this…I’ve had an amazing experience flying through JFK Internationally she happily added “Also bags made it so.”

While traveling with United Airlines on July 24th for an event, Westley Hunter encountered a similar luggage mishap. Not only were his belongings damaged, but his golf clubs were also ruined to an extent he hadn’t imagined. “My bag and clubs ruined to a point I didn’t think was possible,” Hunter lamented. A few days ago, just before the Open Championship, Adam Schenk faced a similar issue he accidentally left his golf club bag at the UK airport. It remained unattended at the airport, which isn’t acceptable. This incident highlights the challenges golfers often face during their journeys.


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Facing Challenges On and Off the Green: Korda Sisters Are Ready For It All

Nelly Korda is gearing up for the 2023 CPKC Women’s Open. This event is taking place at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club in Vancouver, Canada from 24-26 August. Nelly will be testing her skills against the challenging par-72, 6,685-yard course. With a substantial purse of  $2.5M, with the winner earning $375,000, the competition promises to be intense and thrilling.

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While Jessica Korda faced unexpected luggage issues during her travels, her sister Nelly Korda is getting ready for the big 2023 CP Women’s Open. Jessica had to borrow clothes from fellow golfers due to her luggage mishap, but she managed to play well. Nelly is geared up for her upcoming tournament. At the same time, her sister faces her own set of challenges. Both of them are proving that whether it’s on or off the golf course, they’ve got the determination to tackle all the challenges.

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