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Reigning Heisman Trophy winner and USC QB Caleb Williams probably moonlights as a magician when he’s not on the field. The ability to turn plays where nothing is going right into explosive TDs is unparalleled in college football, and in #6 USC’s opening game against San Jose State, Williams was in midseason form.

USC was faced with a first and ten from their own 24 yard line. Williams fumbles the snap, and the ball goes behind him.

However, this is when the magic happens. Just sit back and watch Williams go to work.

Williams is projected to be the top overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and plays like that make it pretty obvious why. The USC QB has an innate ability to turn negative plays into positive ones for the offense with his feel for avoiding pressure and creation. I don’t know what’s more impressive here: the fact that he got this ball off, or the fact that he casually threw it 74 yards to his receiver.

Williams is unbelievable, and is already starting off his Heisman Trophy defense with a very casual Heisman moment in the end of August.

USC is currently up 21-7 over San Jose State, with about three minutes left to go in the first half. The game is on Pac-12 Network.

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