Top 5 Most Expensive IPL Players Ever: How Much Do The Best Cricketers in the IPL Earn?

Top 5 Most Expensive IPL Players Ever: How Much Do The Best Cricketers in the IPL Earn?

The Indian Premier League (IPL), a spectacle of cricketing excellence and financial muscle, has witnessed staggering bids for its top players. In an era where cricket merges with entertainment, the IPL auctions have become almost as thrilling as the matches themselves. 2023 saw records shatter, with astronomical sums pledged for cricketers who promise to redefine the game’s dynamics. We delve into the top 5 most expensive IPL players ever, exploring their T20 careers and the impact they’ve had on the world’s most opulent cricket league.

This year’s auction was nothing short of historic, with the previous record toppled not once, but twice in mere hours. The fierce competition among teams underscores the strategic importance these players hold in the shortest format of the game.

Top 5 Highest-Paid IPL Players of All-Time

  1. Mitchell Starc (2024), $3.22 Million
  2. Pat Cummins (2024), $2.67 Million
  3. Sam Curran (2023), $2.41 Million
  4. Cameron Green (2023), $2.28 Million
  5. Ben Stokes (2023)/Chris Morris (2021), $2.11 Million

1. Mitchell Starc (Kolkata Knight Riders, ₹24.75 crore / $3.22 million, 2024)

mitchell starc

The Australian pace spearhead, Mitchell Starc, has made a dramatic re-entry into the IPL after an eight-year hiatus. His comeback, marked by a whopping ₹24.75 crore contract with Kolkata Knight Riders, has set a new benchmark in IPL’s auction history.

Starc, known for his searing pace and ability to swing the ball, has previously demonstrated his mettle in the IPL playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore. His ability to deliver crucial breakthroughs makes him a prized asset for any T20 squad.

Starc has taken 34 IPL wickets at an average of 20.38 and will look to improve on that for KKR in 2024.

2. Pat Cummins (Sunrisers Hyderabad, ₹20.5 crore / $2.67 million, 2024)

pat cummins

Pat Cummins, another fast-bowling prodigy from Australia, briefly held the record for the highest bid in IPL history with a ₹20.5 crore contract from Sunrisers Hyderabad.

His relentless energy and precision in bowling have made him an indispensable figure in T20 cricket. Cummins’ ability to adapt to different pitches and situations makes him a formidable opponent.

Cummins can also hold the bat too. His career strike rate in the IPL sits over 150% and he averages a lick under 19.

3. Sam Curran (Punjab Kings, ₹18.5 crore / $2.41 million, 2023)

sam currn

English all-rounder Sam Curran’s remarkable performance in the T20 World Cup, where he emerged as both the player of the match and the tournament, significantly enhanced his value in the IPL.

His all-around capabilities, coupled with his recent international success, earned him a massive ₹18.5 crore contract from Punjab Kings. Curran’s versatility in both batting and bowling adds a vital edge to any T20 side.

Curran averages 24.52 with the bat and 35.33 over his IPL career so far.

4. Cameron Green (Mumbai Indians, ₹17.50 crore / $2.28 million, 2023)

cameron green

The Australian all-rounder Cameron Green’s entry into the IPL with Mumbai Indians for ₹17.50 crore highlights his growing stature in the T20 format.

His ability to strike the ball cleanly and bowl effective medium pace makes him a dual threat on the field. Green’s potential to turn games single-handedly was a key factor in Mumbai Indians’ substantial investment.

His 2023 season was one to be remembered. Green averaged 50.22 with a strike rate of 160.28%.

T5. Ben Stokes (Chennai Super Kings, ₹16.25 crore / $2.11 million, 2023)

T5. Chris Morris (Rajasthan Royals, ₹16.25 crore, 2021)


Tied for the fifth spot in the most expensive IPL players of all-time are Ben Stokes and Chris Morris, each commanding a price of ₹16.25 crore. Stokes, an English all-rounder, brings a blend of aggressive batting and strategic bowling to Chennai Super Kings.

Meanwhile, South African all-rounder Chris Morris, who joined Rajasthan Royals, is known for his death-over heroics and explosive batting. Both players have proven their mettle in crucial IPL moments, making them valuable assets to their respective teams.

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