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Oki was suspended on Monday after the LSFA board members voted against him

One of the members of the Lagos State Football Association has shown support for the suspended FA Chairman Fouad Oki despite his suspension, Soccernet reports.

Oki was seen in a recent social media video trying to harass the vice-chairman of the LSFA Liameed Gafar after the latter accused him of oppression. However, the chairman did not take it lightly, as Mr. Gafar accused him of physical assault.

Following his chants of  “It is over, it is over sir, we can’t take this anymore, Chairman you slapped me and punched me in my throat, I will take anything for football and I am taking this again for football .. this is our destiny, this is our life.. the oppression is over sir, the board has suspended you unanimously,” Mr Oki approached him to slap him.

Oki has now been suspended from the LSFA board after five of nine members voted for him.

Nonetheless, an unnamed member of the board who is Oki’s supporter denies that Oki slapped Gafar.

“Nothing of such happened, there was no physical assault at the board meeting,” he told per Premium Times.

“Nobody slapped anyone at the meeting. A motion was moved and it wasn’t seconded, as we speak, all the board members are with the chairman. There’s no cause for alarm because no violence was recorded at the meeting.”

Despite Oki’s suspension, it appears more drama will unfold in the coming days.

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