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Cricket World Cup: File image of Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma© AFP

The Indian cricket team is probably off to its best-ever start at an ODI Cricket World Cup. The Rohit Sharma-led side has won six straight games and a win over Sri Lanka on Thursday will guarantee a spot in the semi-finals. India last won the ODI Cricket World Cup in 2011 and the hopes are rising from the Rohit Sharma-led side to bring home the trophy. Ahead of the match against Sri Lanka, Rohit Sharma was asked about his captaincy style. The veteran skipper gave a detailed answer.

“I mean, look, you read the situation, you see where the game is going, you see what is the right move in that particular situation. You try and analyse all those things and you try and make a move. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work,” Rohit Sharma replied.

“So, you’ve got to be prepared for that. I totally believe that whatever calls we make on the field, it is in the best interest of the situation of the team and what is going to happen from here on now, next five overs or ten overs. So, you try and analyse those kind of situation and try and make that move.”

Rohit Sharma added that he put specific focus on analysing the rival team. “Like I said, sometimes it can work, sometimes it may not. So, I try and look into all those situations and I see what is the strength of the opposition team, what they like to do in certain phases of the game, and try and analyse those aspects of the game. And then try and pass on that message to the bowlers,” Rohit Sharma said on Wednesday.

“This is what we’re trying to do, trying to go for wickets, or trying to contain the batsmen with a little bit of different field placement and things like that. It’s the minor adjustment and the tactical aspect of the game that I try and bring in when I feel like it’s necessary. Hats off to the players as well to really comply with that, because it’s not easy. It’s one thing if I keep thinking about it, and another thing if the guys don’t comply with it.”

He went to deliberate a lot in details about how the team is above anything else and also added that that expectations must be realistic.

“And I think full credit to all 10 of them who have taken parts in that game and responded to that thought process of the team. It’s not my thought process, it’s the team’s thought process that the guys comply with. When things look good, everything looks good, everything works well. I know how this whole thing works. I’m quite aware of one game here and there, I know suddenly I’ll be a bad captain. I know how it works. I try and do what is necessary from the team’s perspective and be sure of that,” he said.

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