Sreejesh, Caram appointed co-chairs of new FIH Athletes Committee

The FIH Athletes Committee serves as a consultative body and makes recommendations to the FIH Executive Board, FIH Committees, Advisory Panels and other bodies.

Title: Sreejesh, Caram appointed co-chairs of new FIH Athletes Committee

Indian hockey stars PR Sreejesh and Savannah Caram have been chosen as the co-chairs of the newly formed FIH Athletes Committee. This committee acts as a consultative body, offering recommendations to the FIH Executive Board, various committees, advisory panels, and other related entities.

Sreejesh, known for his exceptional goalkeeping skills, and Caram, a talented midfielder, bring a wealth of experience and insight to their roles as co-chairs. Their leadership is expected to enhance the representation of athletes within the International Hockey Federation.

This announcement comes as a significant development for the global hockey community, as the FIH continues to prioritize the voices and perspectives of athletes in its decision-making processes. Sreejesh and Caram’s appointment highlights the ongoing efforts to empower athletes and promote their interests at all levels of the sport.

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Stay tuned for further updates on the impact of the FIH Athletes Committee and the contributions of Sreejesh and Caram to the advancement of hockey worldwide.

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