South Africa vs India: South Africa vs India Live Cricket Score, Live Score Of Today’s Match on NDTV Sports

South Africa vs India: South Africa vs India Live Cricket Score, Live Score Of Today’s Match on NDTV Sports

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While South Africa’s bowlers, led by Keshav Maharaj and Lizaad Williams, managed to pick up a few wickets, the brilliance of Suryakumar Yadav and Yashasvi Jaiswal consistently thwarted their plans. The lack of significant wicket-taking contributions from other bowlers proved costly for South Africa, allowing India to post an imposing total. As the focus now shifts to the second innings, with South Africa needing to chase down 202, the question looms whether the Indian bowlers can form better plans after their performance with the ball in the previous game. The Wanderers’ pitch still appears favorable for batting, and South Africa faces the challenging task of surpassing the formidable target. The stage is set for an enthralling second innings, promising a gripping battle between bat and ball as both teams vie for victory. Join us in a bit for the run chase.

Yashasvi Jaiswal is down for a chat. He says he enjoyed his outing today and with the support of the Indian fans around, it felt like a home game. He adds that his partnership with Suryakumar Yadav was crucial and they wanted to take it deep without negotiating on the intent. He concludes that the total looks good and they will look forward to defending it.

India’s innings faced an early setback in the third over when Keshav Maharaj, with his crafty bowling, claimed 2 wickets in 2 balls. However, the resilient duo of Suryakumar Yadav and Yashasvi Jaiswal seized control, counterattacking the South Africa bowlers. Yashasvi Jaiswal contributed with a well-played 60 off 41 balls before falling victim to Shamsi. The onus then shifted to the skipper, Suryakumar Yadav, who orchestrated the latter part of the innings alongside Rinku Singh and Jitesh Sharma. The Indian middle order showcased remarkable resilience and flair, pushing the team past the 200-run mark.

As the first innings concludes in the highly anticipated 3rd and final T20 between India and South Africa, the Wanderers witnesses a batting spectacle of monumental proportions. After being put into bat by South Africa, India amassed a colossal first innings total of 201, losing 7 wickets in the process. The architect of this cricketing spectacle was none other than the Indian skipper and the reigning number one T20 batter in the world, Suryakumar Yadav. In a breathtaking display of skill and power, Suryakumar Yadav crafted a scintillating century, scoring 100 off just 56 balls. His innings was adorned with 7 boundaries and 8 towering sixes, propelling India to a commanding position. The innings was marked by a partnership of 112 runs between Suryakumar Yadav and Yashasvi Jaiswal, setting the stage for a formidable total.

19.6 overs (2 Runs)
A couple of runs to end and India do get over the 200-run mark. Very full, a low full toss and at the legs. Mohammed Siraj goes past the leg stump and manages to tuck it away wide of long on for a couple of runs to end the innings. India finish with 201/7 on the board!

Mohammed Siraj is the new batter in for India.

19.5 overs (0 Run)
OUT! HIT WICKET! Jitesh Sharma goes deep in his crease again but a bit too deep this time and pays the price. Lizaad Williams pitches this one up around off stump, Sharma looks to go back in his crease and lift it over long off but his back leg brushes the stumps and one of the bails comes off. Williams will get this wicket in his kitty.

Arshdeep Singh is the new batter in for India.

19.4 overs (0 Run)
OUT! RUN OUT! Another one bites the dust as India lose their sixth wicket. Lizaad Williams goes full again and around off, angling it in. Ravindra Jadeja misses the slog and is beaten on the inside edge. Jitesh Sharma is already halfway down the ground and Jadeja has to respond. The keeper, Heinrich Klaasen keeps hi cool and just throws the ball back to the bowler who dislodges the bails at the non-striker’s end.

19.3 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Smashed away but Donovan Ferreira could have reacted sooner there. A juicy full toss outside off, Ravindra Jadeja hangs back and slaps it away in front of deep point for a boundary.

19.3 overs (1 Run)
WIDE! Full and wide from around the stumps but spilled behind the tramline outside off.

Ravindra Jadeja is the next batter in for India.

19.2 overs (0 Run)
OUT! TAKEN! Another solid catch in the deep and Suryakumar Yadav departs after lighting up the Wanderers. Fuller length from Lizaad Williams following the batter down leg and SKY looks to whip this one away over the fence just behind square leg. The ball travels flat and doesn’t quite have enough on it as Matthew Breetzke runs around to his right and takes it just inside the ropes. End of a sublime knock and SKY gets a big round of applause as he walks back to the hut.

19.1 overs (2 Runs)
A HUNDRED TO SAVOUR FOR SURYAKUMAR YADAV! This has been a high-class knock from the Indian skipper and even after not getting his timing right in the early part of the inning, he has just stepped his game up a notch. Slower one, on a length and angled into middle and leg, SKY tucks it away in front of mid-wicket and strolls back for the second run before removing his helmet, kissing the badge on it and soaking in the applause from the crowd.

18.6 overs (0 Run)
Closes the over out with a dot. Full and wide again, in the blockhole, Jitesh Sharma hits it away to deep point but Suryakumar Yadav denies the run and will keep strike at the start of the final over.

18.5 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Oh, hello! What a shot that is! Full and quick, right in the blockhole around off, Jitesh Sharma goes as deep as one can in his crease and powers it away through covers for a boundary.

18.4 overs (0 Run)
Wow, this is turning out to be a fine over from Nandre Burger. Back to around the wicket for the right-hander and goes for the wide yorker again. Nails the slower one and Jitesh Sharma is beaten all ends up as he throws the kitchen sink at it.

Jitesh Sharma is the next batter in for India.

18.3 overs (0 Run)
OUT! TAKEN! The substitute fielder, Tristan Stubbs with a lovely catch and Nandre Burger has his first T20I wicket on debut. Burger bangs this one in short over middle, angling it at the batter. Rinku Singh gets inside the line of the ball and nicely pulls it flat to the left of fine leg but Stubbs does superbly to run around and take the catch with soft hands. Rinku departs and South Africa pick up their fourth wicket.

18.2 overs (1 Run)
Well bowled! Comes from around the wicket and nails the wide yorker, Suryakumar Yadav jams it out on the off side through cover-point and moves on to 98 with a single.

18.1 overs (1 Run)
Pitched up full around off, Rinku Singh drills the cover drive to the man in the deep and turns the strike over.

17.6 overs (1 Run)
Slows it up now and throws it outside off, Rinku Singh reaches for it and pulls it down toward long on for a run.

17.5 overs (6 Runs)
SIX! BOOM! Pitched up straight around middle, Rinku Singh gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. A bit too full from Shamsi.

17.4 overs (1 Run)
Change of angle as Tabraiz Shamsi comes from around the stumps and bowls it flat around off. Suryakumar Yadav punches it from his crease through extra cover for a single.

17.3 overs (0 Run)
Nicely flighted around off, Suryakumar Yadav gets inside the line and drags the sweep straight to short fine leg. A golden dot ball this for South Africa.

17.2 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Fast hands from Suryakumar Yadav and he picks up another boundary. This is floated up full and outside off, SKY waits and waits before slashing it away in front of point for four runs.

17.1 overs (1 Run)
Slower and shorter, well outside off, Rinku Singh has to really reach for it and slaps it away wide of sweeper cover for just a single.

16.6 overs (1 Run)
Nails the yorker yet again, this time right at the toes, Rinku Singh gets an inside edge off the pads and the ball rolls away behind square on the off side. They scamper through for one.

16.5 overs (2 Runs)
Very full on middle and leg, ends up being a full toss, one hand comes off the handle as Rinku Singh heaves it away toward deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs.

16.4 overs (1 Run)
Gets it full and wide again, Suryakumar Yadav reaches out and throws his bat at it, ending up slicing it down toward third man for a single.

16.3 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Hammered away with disdain! A juicy full toss around off, Suryakumar Yadav stays still and deep in his crease and just thumps it over mid off for a boundary. SKY moves into the 90s now.

16.2 overs (0 Run)
Full and wide again, with a bit more sting behind it this time and Suryakumar Yadav is beaten.

16.1 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Full and wide, in the blockhole as well. Suryakumar Yadav goes after it and smartly opens the bat face in order to slice it wide of short third for a boundary. Nothing the bowler can do there.

Strategic Break! India after 16 overs are cruising on 161/3 with the skipper Suryakumar Yadav still on the crease on 83 and along with him is Team India’s newly found finisher Rinku Singh. India surely eyeing 200 from here to set a good foundation in this Do or Die game. South Africa still looking to cut back runs. Will India cross 200? Let’s find out. Live action coming your way.

15.6 overs (1 Run)
Finishes the over well does Nandre Burger but 17 come off it! Short of a length and around off, Suryakumar Yadav hops back and plays it down through covers for a run.

15.5 overs (1 Run)
This is pitched up on middle and leg, Rinku Singh hits it on the up and down to long on for another single.

15.4 overs (1 Run)
Well bowled! Gets it in the blockhole on off stump, Suryakumar Yadav looks to whip it away but gets an inside edge onto the boot and the ball trickles to the right of the keeper. They do pick up a quick single.

15.3 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Stand and deliver this time and it’s already 14 off the over with 3 balls left. Hard length on off and angling across, Suryakumar Yadav steps across and just uses the bottom hand to power it over wide mid on for a boundary. SKY is eyeing up that hundred now for sure.

15.2 overs (6 Runs)
SIX! Wow, what a shot! The quicker they come, the farther they go from Nandre Burger. Banged in on a shorter length around leg stump, Suryakumar Yadav stays inside the line and just flicks it away well over the fine leg fence for a biggie.

15.1 overs (4 Runs)
FOUR! Nandre Burger is welcomed back into the attack with a lovely late cut. Bowled slightly back of a length around off, angling it away, Suryakumar Yadav stays back and just opens the bat face to guide it wide of the man at backward point for a boundary.

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