‘Part of My Identity Is Lost’ – Vulnerability Grips Stefanos Tsitsipas on the Mere Thought of Working Without His Father

‘Part of My Identity Is Lost’ – Vulnerability Grips Stefanos Tsitsipas on the Mere Thought of Working Without His Father

Greek tennis prodigy Stefanos Tsitsipas revealed an interesting fact about his father’s contribution to his tennis career. Tsitsipas’s father is a Greek tennis coach and longtime coach of Stefanos Tsitsipas. His father, Apostolos Tsitsipas, has been a strong pillar for his son’s successful professional tennis career for a long time now. While the father-son duo faced many disagreements over the sport, the Greek tennis star revealed how his father has been a great support for his professional goals.

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Stefanos Tsitsipas had collaborated with seasoned coaches while working with his father. However, he also gave some time off to his father during the US Open in 2023. Now once again, this Greek tennis star explains his father’s worth in his life and professional tennis career.

Stefanos Tsitsipas reveals how Apostolos Tsitsipas is a crucial part of his ‘identity’


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In a recent interview, Stefanos Tsitsipas candidly spoke about his father’s inclusion in his coaching team, their relationship, and his father’s contribution to his successful professional career. Tsitsipas said, “Me and my father always shared tennis and it was something in common, something of ours. When he’s not there, I feel like a part of my identity as a player is lost. There have been times in the past when he wasn’t with me and I felt like half a player.”

However, Stefanos Tsitsipas also spoke about the differences he shares with his father in terms of tennis. Nevertheless, he mentioned how his father’s background in tennis helped the Greek tennis prodigy to improvise and learn. Tsitsipas commented, “Sometimes I may not speak very nicely to him, but he is the only one who understands me and is part of the job. The good thing about this is that we can separate the father’s work from the coach’s.”


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After Tsitsipas’s statement about his father, his fans were delighted to see the professionalism in it. Despite having his father on the team, Tsitsipas tries to act professionally so that their relationship can’t impact his professional endeavors.


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An unimaginable decade-long support for Stefanos Tsitsipas

Unlike the majority of the tournaments, Apostolos Tsitsipas wasn’t present at the US Open 2023 tournament with his son. Now that has brought many speculations about a fallout between the father-son duo. However, Stefanos Tsitsipas broke the myth and came forward with a great comment for his father, the coach. He said, “My father right now, you know, I give him some time off. He hasn’t had time off since I’m 12 years old.”

“So I think for him, I think it’s very healthy to take some time away from the court and feel refreshed again. And, of course, I love him and I want him to be part of that journey that we have built together, and he’s not going anywhere. He’s still with us, and he’s still there, following our path and journey.”


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Stefanos Tsitsipas’s comments about his father explain that he is a lucky guy to have his father’s support in his career. The fact that his father is a part of his coaching team shows that he has a good team to look after his needs to improvise more in tennis. What do you think about it?

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