Malaysia footballer set to return after acid attack: official

Selangor FC and Malaysia winger Faisal Halim suffered burns on the neck, shoulder, hands and chest in the assault at a shopping mall outside the capital Kuala Lumpur on May 5.

Title: Malaysia Footballer Faisal Halim Set to Return After Acid Attack

Selangor FC and Malaysia winger Faisal Halim is gearing up to make a remarkable comeback after being the unfortunate victim of a brutal acid attack. The incident took place at a shopping mall located outside Kuala Lumpur on May 5, leaving Faisal with severe burns on his neck, shoulder, hands, and chest.

Despite the horrific ordeal, Faisal Halim has shown incredible resilience and determination to get back on the field. The football community has rallied behind him, offering their support and encouragement throughout his recovery process.

Fans of Selangor FC and Malaysian football enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating Faisal’s return to action. His comeback is not only significant for his personal journey but also serves as a symbol of strength and courage in the face of adversity.

Stay tuned for updates on Faisal Halim’s progress as he paves the way for an inspiring return to the sport he loves. Our thoughts and best wishes are with him as he continues his recovery journey.

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