IPL 2024: Team atmosphere at Gujarat Titans has helped me stay motivated – Mohit Sharma

“In this team, over the last three years, if you have a bad performance, we don’t talk about it. The rectification happens on the ground, not in the dressing room. That maintains confidence levels,” said Mohit Sharma.

Title: IPL 2024: Team Atmosphere at Gujarat Titans Keeps Mohit Sharma Motivated

In a recent interview, Gujarat Titans’ player Mohit Sharma shared his thoughts on the team atmosphere and how it has impacted his performance over the last three years. According to Sharma, the unique approach of the team has helped him stay motivated and maintain his confidence levels.

Sharma highlighted that in the Gujarat Titans team, there is a culture of focusing on on-field rectifications rather than dwelling on past mistakes in the dressing room. This approach has created a supportive environment where players feel confident in their abilities and are able to bounce back from setbacks.

“I’ve experienced firsthand how important it is to have a team that supports you both on and off the field. In Gujarat Titans, if you have a bad performance, we don’t dwell on it. Instead, we focus on addressing the issue during practice sessions and matches, which helps us stay motivated and maintain our confidence levels,” Sharma explained.

The positive team atmosphere at Gujarat Titans has not only benefited Sharma but has also contributed to the overall success of the team in the IPL. With a supportive environment and a focus on continuous improvement, players like Sharma are able to perform at their best and contribute to the team’s success on the field.

As the IPL 2024 season approaches, Gujarat Titans fans can look forward to seeing Sharma and the rest of the team in action, motivated and ready to give their best performance.

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