IPL 2024 Points Table updated after LSG vs RR: Rajasthan Royals all but secures Playoffs spot with eight wins, DC moves fifth

Here’s how the standings of the Indian Premier League’s 2024 edition changed after Lucknow Super Giants vs Rajasthan Royals match on Saturday.

Title: IPL 2024 Points Table Updated after LSG vs RR: Rajasthan Royals All But Secures Playoffs Spot with Eight Wins, DC Moves Fifth

The Indian Premier League’s 2024 edition saw a significant shift in the standings after the thrilling match between Lucknow Super Giants and Rajasthan Royals on Saturday. Rajasthan Royals managed to secure their playoffs spot with a total of eight wins, while Delhi Capitals moved up to fifth place.

Here’s how the points table stands after the LSG vs RR match:

1. Rajasthan Royals – 8 wins, 16 points
2. Mumbai Indians – 7 wins, 14 points
3. Chennai Super Kings – 6 wins, 12 points
4. Kolkata Knight Riders – 6 wins, 12 points
5. Delhi Capitals – 5 wins, 10 points
6. Lucknow Super Giants – 4 wins, 8 points
7. Punjab Kings – 3 wins, 6 points
8. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 2 wins, 4 points

With this latest update, Rajasthan Royals have positioned themselves as strong contenders for the playoffs, while Delhi Capitals are fighting hard to secure their spot in the top four.

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