IPL 2024: Mukesh Kumar says wide yorkers are trending but you cannot overdo it up front and waste new ball

The manner in which Mukesh - who relies on seam bowling as his key arsenal, at least in red-ball cricket - is being used in a new role of death over specialist may have surprised a few but the pacer himself was ready for the role.

Title: IPL 2024: Mukesh Kumar on the Trend of Wide Yorkers and Adapting to a New Role

In the fast-paced world of cricket, strategies and roles are constantly evolving. One player who has embraced a new challenge in IPL 2024 is Mukesh Kumar. Known for his expertise in seam bowling in red-ball cricket, Mukesh has taken on the role of a death-over specialist, surprising many with his adaptability.

One key trend that Mukesh has noticed in recent matches is the use of wide yorkers. While effective when executed correctly, Mukesh emphasizes the importance of not overdoing it upfront and wasting the new ball. He understands the balance needed to utilize this tactic strategically and maintain pressure on the opposition.

As Mukesh navigates his new role, he exemplifies the importance of versatility and readiness to embrace change in the dynamic world of cricket. His transition from a seam bowler to a death-over specialist showcases his determination to excel in any situation thrown his way.

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