IPL 2024: I’m fed up of we pinpointing individuals; cricket is a team game, says Pollard

In a last over that cost MI 26 runs, Hardik’s three successive mediocre deliveries were duly dispatched into the stands by Dhoni.

Title: IPL 2024: I’m fed up of we pinpointing individuals; cricket is a team game, says Pollard

In a recent match that saw Mumbai Indians face off against Chennai Super Kings, the final over proved to be a nail-biting moment for both teams and fans alike. With Mumbai Indians needing 27 runs to win, the pressure was on Hardik Pandya to deliver with the ball.

Unfortunately for Mumbai Indians, Hardik’s three successive deliveries were dispatched into the stands by none other than MS Dhoni, costing the team 26 runs in the process. This turn of events led to a heated discussion among cricket enthusiasts, with many pointing fingers at Hardik for the loss.

However, Kieron Pollard, the captain of Mumbai Indians, has come forward to defend his teammate. Pollard emphasized that cricket is a team game and that blaming individuals for a loss is not only unfair but also goes against the spirit of the sport.

Pollard’s statement sheds light on the importance of unity and solidarity within a team. In cricket, as in any team sport, success and failure are shared by the entire team, not just one individual player. It is crucial to remember that every player, no matter their role, contributes to the team’s overall performance.

As we look ahead to the rest of the IPL 2024 season, let us keep in mind Pollard’s wise words and support our favorite teams and players through every high and low. After all, it is the collective effort and spirit of camaraderie that truly defines the essence of cricket.

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