IPL 2024: Haddin says Punjab Kings lost to RCB ‘100 per cent because of dropped catches’

Punjab Kings failed to capitalise as it gave two lifelines to Virat Kohli early on in the innings and the superstar made the most of those reprieves to score a classy 92.

Title: IPL 2024: Haddin says Punjab Kings lost to RCB ‘100 per cent because of dropped catches’

Former Australian cricketer and current head coach of Punjab Kings, Brad Haddin, didn’t mince his words after his team’s loss to Royal Challengers Bangalore in a high-stakes match in the ongoing IPL 2024 season. Haddin attributed Punjab Kings’ defeat, in no uncertain terms, to their fielding lapses particularly the dropped catches of RCB skipper Virat Kohli.

Punjab Kings had a chance to dismiss Kohli early in his innings, but fielders failed to hold on to two crucial opportunities. Kohli, known for his ability to dominate when given a second chance, capitalized on these reprieves to play a brilliant knock of 92 runs that ultimately shaped the outcome of the match.

In post-match interviews, Haddin expressed his disappointment at the missed chances and stressed the importance of taking every opportunity to dismiss top batsmen like Kohli, especially in a high-pressure game like the IPL. He emphasized that Punjab Kings paid the price for their errors in the field and highlighted the need for improvement in the team’s fielding department.

The match served as a stark reminder of the fine margins in professional cricket, where a single dropped catch can change the course of a game. Punjab Kings will undoubtedly be looking to learn from this experience and sharpen their fielding skills in the matches to come.

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