IPL 2024: Conceding 40 runs in four overs is the new normal, says Siraj

Mohammed Siraj quipped “Good luck to the bowlers” after yet another 200 plus score was chased down in the IPL 2024 during the RCB vs GT match in Ahmedabad on Sunday.

Title: IPL 2024: Conceding 40 runs in four overs is the new normal, says Siraj

The latest match in IPL 2024 between RCB and GT witnessed yet another high-scoring game with over 200 runs being chased down. Mohammed Siraj, the talented bowler from RCB, humorously remarked, “Good luck to the bowlers” after his team conceded 40 runs in just four overs during the match in Ahmedabad on Sunday.

This statement by Siraj sheds light on the escalating trend of high-scoring games in the IPL. The batsmen seem to be dominating the bowlers in this season, making it challenging for the bowlers to contain the runs.

Despite the challenging conditions, Siraj’s positive attitude is commendable. It showcases the fighting spirit of the players in the league, pushing themselves to deliver their best performance even in the face of tough competition.

With the IPL 2024 season in full swing, fans can expect more nail-biting encounters and record-breaking performances. The competitive spirit of the players, like Siraj, adds to the excitement of the league and keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Stay tuned for more thrilling matches and standout moments in the ongoing IPL 2024 season. Good luck to all the teams and players as they continue to entertain fans with their exceptional skills and sportsmanship.

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