France to play without Griezmann for first time in over seven years

Griezmann has appeared on the pitch for France in every match since a friendly against England in June 2017, when the forward was an unused sub.

Title: France to Play Without Griezmann for First Time in over Seven Years

France’s national soccer team is set to take the field without star forward Antoine Griezmann for the first time in over seven years. Griezmann, a key player for the national team, has been a fixture on the pitch for every match since a friendly against England in June 2017, where he was named as an unused substitute.

This marks a significant change for the French squad, as Griezmann’s absence will undoubtedly be felt on the field. The forward has been a consistent performer for France, playing a crucial role in their success in recent years.

Despite Griezmann’s absence, France still boasts a talented squad with plenty of depth. Manager Didier Deschamps will have to make adjustments to the team’s lineup and tactics in order to compensate for the loss of their star player.

Fans will be eager to see how France performs in upcoming matches without Griezmann in the lineup. It will be interesting to see how the team adjusts to playing without one of their key players and if they can continue to find success on the international stage.

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