Ferrero giving Alcaraz reason to smile in Sunshine Double quest

Former world number one Ferrero, who retired from playing in 2012, underwent knee surgery and was absent from the Australian Open, where 20-year-old Alcaraz lost in the quarter-finals to Alexander Zverev.

Title: Ferrero giving Alcaraz reason to smile in Sunshine Double quest

Former world number one, Juan Carlos Ferrero, has been instrumental in guiding 20-year-old sensation Carlos Alcaraz on his Sunshine Double quest. Ferrero, who retired from playing in 2012 and underwent knee surgery, was sadly absent from the Australian Open where Alcaraz made a stunning run to the quarter-finals before falling to Alexander Zverev.

Alcaraz, widely regarded as one of the brightest young talents in tennis, has been impressing fans and experts alike with his fearless play and remarkable talent on the court. Under the guidance of Ferrero, a former French Open champion and US Open finalist, Alcaraz has shown tremendous growth and maturity in his game.

The Sunshine Double, which consists of the Indian Wells Masters and the Miami Open, presents a crucial opportunity for Alcaraz to continue his meteoric rise in the world of tennis. With Ferrero by his side, Alcaraz has the mentorship and support he needs to navigate the challenges and pressures of the professional tour.

As Alcaraz looks to make his mark on the Sunshine Double, he can take comfort in the knowledge that he has the backing of a tennis legend like Ferrero. With Ferrero’s guidance and experience, Alcaraz is well-equipped to compete against the best players in the world and make a strong impression on the global stage.

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Stay tuned to Bharat Sports for all the latest updates on Alcaraz’s journey in the Sunshine Double and other exciting tennis news. Let’s cheer on Alcaraz as he aims for glory with Ferrero by his side.


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