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  • Michael Chandler Big Favourite to be Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent
  • Nate Diaz 6/1 to be McGregor’s Next Fight in Potential Trilogy
  • 10% Chance of Logan Paul Crossover Boxing Bout to be Next for McGregor

  • Michael Chandler 8/15 (MMA)
  • Nate Diaz 6/1 (MMA)
  • Justin Gaethje 8/1 (MMA)
  • Logan Paul 9/1 (Boxing)
  • Tommy Fury 10/1 (Boxing)
  • KSI 12/1 (Boxing)
  • Dustin Poirier 14/1 (MMA)
  • Jake Paul 16/1 (Boxing)
  • Paddy Pimblett 20/1 (MMA)

*Odds created by SportsLens experts and are for entertainment purposes only.

Conor McGregor’s name is ringing through the combat sports world once again as the Irish fighter’s return edges closer after he reentered the USADA drug testing pool. The focus of attention is who McGregor will face in his comeback, with odds indicating Michael Chandler as the most likely candidate.

Michael Chandler 65% Probability to be Next Fight for Conor McGregor

The odds are strongly favoring Michael Chandler as McGregor’s next opponent in an MMA bout. This potential matchup gained traction when McGregor and Chandler appeared opposite each other as coaches on the Contender Series.

The interaction between them has fueled the anticipation for the pair to meet in the octagon. McGregor’s hint at a bout during the finale and Dana White’s remarks have only heightened the buzz around this potential showdown.

With McGregor recently reentering the USADA drug testing pool, this bout makes sense for the end of the year or the beginning of next year for the former UFC champion.

Our odds of 8/15 for Chandler to be McGregor’s next opponent indicate a 65% probability. Justin Gaethje (8/1) or Dustin Poirier (14/1) are other potential opponents for McGregor in the UFC.

Nate Diaz Trilogy at 6/1 Potentially Next for McGregor

In addition to those, Nate Diaz also makes sense as McGregor’s next MMA fight. The history between McGregor and Nate Diaz is well documented, with each holding a victory over the other.

The odds at 6/1 for a trilogy fight reflect the unresolved tension between these two fighters. This potential bout represents a chance to settle the score and provide a definitive conclusion to their rivalry.

Logan Paul 9/1 to Face McGregor Next in Boxing Bout

The boxing world also presents intriguing crossover matchups, with Logan Paul standing at odds of 9/1 following his win over Dillon Danis, who McGregor supported. Paul called McGregor out after his victory, sparking conversations about a crossover bout.

Additionally, Tommy Fury at 10/1 also called McGregor out on the same card, presenting another potential crossover bout that could captivate fans from both the boxing and MMA communities.

Other fights, like KSI (12/1) and Jake Paul (16/1) would also be headline generating machines in the new crossover landscape.

SportsLens Commentary

“The mix of potential opponents for Conor McGregor’s return mirrors the wide appeal and versatility of McGregor’s fighting career,” said Nick Raffoul, Head of News at SportsLens. “The favored matchup with Michael Chandler reflects the competitive spirit and existing camaraderie between the fighters.

“On the other hand, the possibility of facing Logan Paul or Tommy Fury introduces a novelty factor that could bring a new wave of interest to McGregor’s next bout. Each potential matchup carries its own set of intrigues, showcasing the different paths McGregor’s return could take in satisfying the diverse appetite of fight fans.”

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