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Conor McGregor seems to have reignited his fascination with the sport of boxing after a hiatus of six years. The enigmatic “Mystic Mac” stands on the brink of a triumphant return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Notably, it’s no longer a whimsical notion to contemplate his desire for a fistic bout against none other than the eminent British social media star, KSI.

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KSI’s optimism for his bout against Tommy Fury was dashed as he lost through a majority decision. The YouTuber-turned-boxer couldn’t get past ‘TNT,’ and Fury dominated him. Amidst the commotion, a different challenger called out to KSI.

Conor McGregor calls out KSI for a fight after his loss against Tommy Fury and fans react


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‘The Notorious’ certainly has a knack for grabbing headlines, and his recent actions only explain that. In his latest escapade, McGregor called out KSI, who had just suffered a defeat in his fight against Tommy Fury. McGregor challenged the British national to a boxing fight. He added “Ya know what. Me and KSI is an exciting fight.”

Conor McGregor appears to be keen on emulating Nate Diaz’s successful endeavor with Jake Paul, setting his sights on a similar venture with KSI. He further added “ “A juicy nixer I used to call them back when I was a plumber now I’m on the Lambo yacht he’s in a hurracane,”. However, things are not as simple for him since he has yet to clear things with USADA.


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McGregor’s callout to KSI didn’t sit well with the combat fans, some of the comments of the fans are as follows :

Bro is doing everything but fighting Michael chandler

Conor just waits for youtubers to lose boxing matches before calling them out

Dude just needs to shut up and get knocked out by Chandler

Conor just focus on mma please, at least give us one good final performance. You can’t leave on those last two

This is y’all double champ

Don’t entertain that celebrity boxing bs. one minute rounds with pillow hands

Dude is on cocaine

Clearly, the fans are not amused by McGregor’s challenge to KSI since he has yet to make his UFC return. They were also quick to point out that ‘the Notorious’ should only concentrate on making his UFC return, rather than calling out KSI for a matchup. This is the second time that McGregor challenged KSI for a fight.

Conor McGregor’s previous challenge to KSI


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Conor McGregor made quite an appearance at Anthony Joshua’s bout against Robert Helenius. McGregor’s presence was marked by a series of attention-grabbing stunts, such as having ‘AJ’ take a sip of his Forged Irish Stout beer. However, what really stirred social media was McGregor’s unexpected challenge to KSI, both from the audience and later in the boxing ring.

“That man KSI over here. He couldn’t box eggs if he worked in an egg-boxing factory,” Conor McGregor remarked, addressing KSI, who happened to be present at the Anthony Joshua fight. While Conor McGregor did mention KSI, there hasn’t been any significant progress regarding the potential for a boxing match between the two of them.


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With KSI losing his bout to Tommy Fury and Conor McGregor calling him out for a fight, what do you think will be the outcome of it? Will KSI accept McGregor’s challenge or Will he stay silent for a bit? Do tell us in the comments below

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