AIFF president highlights India’s past misplaced priorities, calls for action against age-fudging

India is currently on a downward spiral in FIFA rankings, triggered by its winless outing in the Asian Cup and followed by 1-2 loss to lower-ranked Afghanistan 1-2 in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Title: AIFF President Highlights India’s Past Misplaced Priorities, Calls for Action Against Age-Fudging

In a recent press conference, AIFF President expressed concerns over India’s downward spiral in FIFA rankings. The national team’s winless performance in the Asian Cup and a surprising loss to lower-ranked Afghanistan in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers have raised alarms within the Indian football community.

The president pointed out that one of the major factors contributing to India’s lackluster performance is age-fudging. This unethical practice has long plagued Indian football, with players misrepresenting their age to gain a competitive edge. The president emphasized the need for strict action against age-fudging to ensure fair play and ethics in the sport.

India’s footballing history is rich and storied, but past misplaced priorities have hindered the growth of the sport at the international level. The president called for a renewed focus on grassroots development, talent scouting, and youth training programs to elevate Indian football to new heights.

As fans, it is crucial to support the AIFF’s efforts to clean up the sport and build a stronger foundation for the future. By addressing age-fudging and prioritizing long-term development strategies, India can once again rise in the FIFA rankings and compete with the best on the global stage.

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